Body Conditioning, Saturdays, 9am

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30 mins Metafit followed by 20 mins of Fitness Yoga

- Metafit is a non choreographed, bodyweight only workout that sets the metabolism on fire. If you want to burn maximum calories, lose weight, tone up or get super fit in just 30 minutes, this is for you!  It's great for all ages & fitness levels and if you have an injury you can adapt the exercises to suite you too. 

- Fitness Yoga is the perfect way to stretch off after Metafit, or why not just come for the Yoga part of the class?! Benefits of this style of Yoga include increased flexibility, muscle strength, tone and improved respiration, energy and vitality. It also helps with a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, cardio & circulatory health, aswell as improved athletic performance and protection from injury. 

Saturdays at 9:00am
What better way to start the weekend?? This class consists of a mixture of fun, easy-to-follow Cardio routines with 20 minutes of interval & core training & it finishes with a good stretch. This class is for all ages & abilities

We're looking forward to meeting you if we haven't done so already, and can't wait to help you to achieve your goals eg to walk the 3 Peaks, lose weight, tone up, get fit or just get to a class.
- See Our Formula page for more information about the Fitness Tracker, Diet Tracker & everything else we can offer you if you need it.
Remember, this is not just a class. This is Personal Training in a Class Format ;)  

What shall I take to the class?
If you have a Fitness Tracker then don't forget to take it with you. We also advise you to bring a bottle of water with you, however most of our venues have kitchens with drinking water so don't worry if you forget it :) 

Parking is available.

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If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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