NAFIC, Sand Hutton (private classes for employees only)

Location: National Agri-Food Innovation Campus     Address: York, York, North Yorkshire YO41 1LZ, United Kingdom

These classes are private classes for NAFIC staff & anyone else who works on site. 


We're offering all staff at NAFIC our classes & the gym for just £20!!!! We are currently running the following:

Tuesday: 12:30pm, Core Stability
Tuesday: 6:00pm HIIT 
Thursday: 12:30pm, Circuits
Friday: 5:00pm Gym Circuits

If you would like a class at a different time, please don't hesitate to contact us as we'd love to start some more soon. 

All our classes can be adapted for all ages/abilities so if you're interested & want to improve your health, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can do this via email or call Vicky on 07515 770634.


- Our fun & friendly classes consist of a mixture of core conditioning (tummy, back etc), total body toning and resistance training.
- If you have bad knees, back, or any other conditions, don't worry there are adaptations to all of our exercises.

Fitness Tracker
- No two people are at exactly the same fitness level. That is why we have Fitness Trackers, so that you can work at your own level. 
- Fortunately for you, NAFIC are very kindly susiding the cost of these for you so they are only £28!! RRP is £129.99. 
- See Our Formula page for more information about the Fitness Tracker, Diet Tracker & everything else we can offer you if you need it. 

We're looking forward to meeting you if we haven't done so already, and can't wait to help you to achieve your goals, whether it's slimming down, toning up, improving your fitness, or improving your health. If it's your first time to the class, try to turn up a few minutes early so that the instructor can go through everything with you & you can have a free body MOT if you want one. 

What shall I take to the class?
We advise you to bring a bottle of water with you, however there is a water fountain at the gym so don't worry if you forget it :) 

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Class Date and Times

If you are a registered member you can book in to a class as simply as clicking on the "Register" button. Signing up with us is quick and simple, if you would like to sign up for a free weeks trial to try our classes out then Click Here

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